December 2, 2020

38 thoughts on “O level Computer science Pre release material Oct/Nov 2017 Solution

  1. I don’t see it as a proper solution…because the question isn’t clear enough….there are many point of views….it may be that yours is correct but it may also be wrong….

    I got a different solution…

    1. I have a question. Some answers I have seen are declaring the time-related variables as Date. Although the this solution is logical and the others also, shall we go for data type integer or date for the O level students. Please clarify. Its a real mess as at present. Thanks

  2. Hi I am an O Level student and wanted to ask you for Task 3 what is meant by PRINT”***************************************************”

    1. It is just used to print the result little awesome
      the first three lines will be like:

      Daily Report

  3. I am going to do my o level computer science exam this week. So i jzt want to clarify if this solution is accurate and could be practiced for the examinations. Thank you.

  4. I need to ask a question why do you use
    Input “Coontinue , Y/N” , choice , and if he choosed N you end the program as if the day have ended,
    even if the time is still 10:00 , i think it will be better to end when the current time reaches 17:00 it is more logical , pleased reply for this as soon as possible i want to know your point of view.

    1. i think that the user can only hire multiples of one hour and half an hour why you check for minutes from 0 to 30 and 30 to 60 , he did not consider any validation check int the question and also didnt mention that he can hire less than 30 minutes.

  5. Please reply. in task 3 , why does the for loop says FOR D/E/F 1 TO 4 when there are 10 boats not 4
    and in the end of the task 2
    it should be If end time < minimum
    then minimum = end time
    and so on
    please clarify

  6. In Taks 3 , they asked number of unused boats. In the above solution it is not found, instead it was return as showing the boat not which is not used

    1. instead of outputting the boat, you can just use a counter such as UBoat=0 and incremnet it everytime the total running cost of a boat is 0

  7. Sir i guess there is also one mistake
    the availability is reduced by 1
    what if there was 1 available boat after the purchase
    the avaliblaiyt is reduced
    it turns 0
    the message is no boat available when there is actual 1 boat left
    so i guess it should be if available is < 0 or =-1
    cuz that in this case be the smalles value possible
    or you can turn the availability to 11 so after 10 reduction after purchases it goes to 0

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